Egg Layer Block Making Machine

Egg Layer Brick/Block making machines available for South Africa.

CSC Fabricate two kinds of egg layers., as follows:

  • CEL 4 Egg Layer &
  • CEL 6 Egg Layer

Our egg layers can be purchased as standard with:

  • A M140 mould.
  • A bin to hold block mix

Our egg layers allow for two ways in which to produce bricks/blocks:

  • The first way, requires no electricity. The lever is used manually to stamp and compress the block mixture.
  • The second way, requires electricity whereby a full electrical package would be fitted to your machine at extra cost. the electrical package would allow for vibration as opposed to manually compressing the block mix.

Please Note: The numerical values 4 and 6 after the abbreviations represent how many M140 blocks can be produced per cycle.

Comes with M140 Block Mould

Optional Extras: an electrical package consisting of 220v or 380v electrical complete.

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