Static Machines

Strong, Quality

Built with high quality steels, and a high quality experienced team to give them their professional quality finish, they will require very little maintenance. And are ready for action.

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Egg Layer

Long lasting

Professional quality finish, they will require very little maintenance. And are ready for action.

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Factory warranty

The motor has a factory warranty of 18 months after CSC purchase and the gearbox a 2 year warranty after CSC purchase. The gearbox used is an Italian gearbox.

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Mould Solutions

strong, accurate

Looking for a specific mould? We have lintel moulds, block moulds as well as brick moulds. Have a look and see what we can offer you.

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Hand Stampers

Best Quality

CSC brings you a DIY Hand Stampers. There are three to choose from!

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High Quality & Extreeme Durability

Our machinery (brick/block machinery) are built to high standard using excellent grade of materials from top suppliers country wide to ensure maximum durability. Our experienced team excel in providing equipment to you, the customer, which require minimal maintenance allowing for maximum production due to restricted time constraints.

Easy To Use

Our Equipment (brick/block machinery) are some of the easiest to make use of. Minimal training is required, if any at all as to understand how our machines operate. Being them simple and strait forward, easy to use machines. A demonstration on collection of your equipment would be all that is necessary. A how to use document and maintenance list will be provided with every purchase.


CSC strive to bring your business the most affordable block plant solutions. We supply high quality brick making equipment without the hefty price tag attached.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our brick making machines, but after 3 years or so you may need a couple spares to keep your block making machine in tip top form. Spares must be ordered in advance to wear and tear as so when spares are required they are readily available and on site.

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